Happy Trails To You!   (The Song)

Coming Soon!

A spreadsheet based on calculation trails.

It feels more like a magic blackboard and a paint program than a serious spreadsheet.  But it's no toy.

Watch the demo!

There isn't a sound track yet or even text but you will figure out how it works just by watching!

Key Words and Phrases: Simple, Easy, Amazing, Inexpensive, Cheap Spreadsheet that everyone can use.

Mac / Apple Computers and Windows / Linux -- it runs under the Java Runtime Environment

Great for the home, budding young kids, adults who say they "don't do math" and the clever ones too who aren't required to interface with the usual suspects. You can program some nifty applications with it that cannot be done with the traditional approach.

Get on the "Ready when you are" list by emailing peter@roizen.com"

Will definitely be looking into OEMs and School Districts.

Name not yet chosen. That's the easiest piece to program.